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Pittsburg Anglers Association News & Events

The P.A.A. had its annual meeting on February 4, 2021. Outcomes of the meeting:

  • 2021 Stocking Day is scheduled for Sunday, May 16.
  • Approximately 570 brook, brown and rainbow trout will be in the May stocking.
  • Planning for a second stocking in late summer is underway. This would be a smaller stocking to augment fall angling.
  • The P.A.A. will sponsor a NH T.U. "Kids Camp" participant this summer ($450 donation to program).
  • The P.A.A. is seeking new individual and business donors for support.
  • The P.A.A. encourages use of the "Lower Connecticut River Creel Survey" form to study fishing on this section of river (below Murphy Dam to the Pittsburg town line) in the summer of 2021. The N.H. Fish & Game Department needs this information to consider rules changes in this section.

Pittsburg Anglers Association News & Events

Board Of Directors
President: Jon Howe
Vice-President: Bill Bernhardt
Treasurer / Webmaster: Tom Caron
Director: Pete DePontbriand
Director: Chuck Degray

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Images courtesy of Mickey Cunliffe