Pittsburg Anglers Association

Pittsburg Anglers Association News & Events

The P.A.A. had its annual meeting on January 20, 2022

  • 2022 Stocking Day is scheduled for Sunday, May 15. Volunteers are much appreciated!

  • Approximately 900 brook, brown and rainbow trout will be in the May stocking. This is a dramatic increase from what the P.A.A. has traditionally stocked (570 trout per year), and reflects that the association has the funds available to do so.

  • We are not planning a second, later stocking in the season at this time due to fluctuating river flows and water conditions over the last several years.

  • The P.A.A. will sponsor a NH T.U. "Kids Camp" participant this summer ($450 donation to program).

  • The P.A.A. is seeking new individual and business donors for support.

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Board Of Directors
President: Jon Howe
Vice-President: Bill Bernhardt
Treasurer / Webmaster: Tom Caron
Director: Pete DePontbriand
Director: Chuck Degray

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Images courtesy of Mickey Cunliffe